Beyond parties and a good time, Tequila from Mexico has a rich history with roots in Latin America, and an even grander variety of types.  

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor features a wide range of tequila from Mexico to help you explore your favourite taste.

If you’re looking for hot and fiery, look no further than the blanco: a bold flavour with just the slightest hint of sweetness. Blanco is the closest to the original taste of agave and is often complemented by hints of fruit to enhance its sweetness and lessen the tried-and-true bite of tequila as it warms your throat. This sensational tequila from Mexico is usually crystal clear and bottled directly after it has been distilled. Try the Reserva Especial, Chaya, Don Nacho or La Tilica Snail to start with and drink it in a cocktail or with a mixer of your choice. More expensive brands in our tequila repository (and more complex flavour profiles, as far as blanco goes) include Don Julio, Espolon, Fat Ass and Patron

Tequila from Mexico

For a milder, nonetheless strong, kick, the reposado can be your go-to. Reposado tequila is aged longer than the blanco and has a gentler agave note. It can be distinguished by its subtle golden hue, and a more rounded and complex taste. The subtler expression of the usually sharp agave attributed to 21st birthday tequilas are best taken over ice or sipped neat. Aztec Mexican has a few choice reposados. Some come in interesting bottles that can be perfect for a gift or to display on your shelf.  Check out the Institucional Texano, Berrueco, Calavera, Casino Azul, or the 1-litre rifle bottle of Hijos de Villa.

Añejo tequila takes the longest to age in the barrel. Each barrel size is limited to 600 litres to ensure maximum interaction with the wood, and it’s clear in the intensified colour and flavour of the tequila. It retains the distinctive edge of any good tequila but can be sipped just like whiskey or scotch. Get a taste of the Casino Azul añejo, aged three years with a rich, complex taste, or the limited edition, black hand-painted Calavera brand, aged in oak for 1-2 years.

Whatever your tequila style, Aztec Mexican has got you covered. Check out our online store today and enjoy your authentic tequila collection!