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Aztec Products Pty. Ltd., is an Australian leader in Mexican Food Products supplier and distributor to the Restaurants and Wholesale Food Industries.

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Sweets are Sorted with Churros Online

A Mexican dinner party isn’t complete without sweets – and buying our churros online will provide the perfect ending to a fun night. How does having a stock of churros sound? Have one, or have many, and enjoy them with a hot chocolate or coffee. You can...

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Buy Chillies Online and Spice Up Your Plate

Hands up who wants to add some spice to their dinner without leaving home? You can if you buy your chillies online! To find the best chillies online, you need a store that specializes in authentic Mexican groceries. So, what do you look for in a store? It should sell...

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Aztec Food – Bringing Mexican Cuisine to Melbourne

In the Australian hospitality industry, Aztec food is synonymous with authentic Mexican cuisine. We don’t just love Mexican food at Aztec Products and Liquor – we live and breathe everything related to this fine culture! Aztec food is our passion. Whether...

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