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Aztec Products Pty. Ltd., is an Australian leader in Mexican Food Products supplier and distributor to the Restaurants and Wholesale Food Industries.

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Mexican Beer – Flavour for Any Occasion

If you are a beer connoisseur, you may know that Mexican beer is not a one dimensional beverage. With a rich history and even bigger array of flavours and styles, there is a Mexican beer for every palate. While its flavours run deep, the overall tone is refreshing and...

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Mexican Food – A New Australian Menu Staple

Look in pantries all over Australia, and you’re sure to find some Mexican food or traditional Mexican ingredients. Jars of salsa, tins of beans, tortillas, and Mexican spices are all regular additions to shopping trolleys all over the country. Mexican food is no...

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Our Favourite Mexican Sweets

Our Favourite Mexican Sweets! Hands up who wants dessert? With these Mexican sweets, you’ll be the dessert hero amongst your family and friends. Known for mouthwatering Mexican sweets, this rich cuisine is dripping with dark, glossy chocolate and crispy churros. While...

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