One of the most important holidays on the Mexican calendar is Easter. Easter in Mexico is a time of year with many customs and traditional culinary dishes.

A time when Christians celebrate the last days of Jesus Christ and his resurrection, it is also a time to celebrate spring. There are many traditions throughout this time including passion plays and re-enactments of the events of the Bible.

In Mexico Easter is a two-week holiday that consists of religious celebrations. Semana Santa (Holy Week), include the days leading up to the death of Christ and Easter. Semana Santa is then followed by the one of the most celebrated days – Domingo de Pascua (Easter Sunday).


With Easter Sunday not the only day celebrated, it is a multi-week event in Mexico celebrating religious customs with a carnival which incorporates street festivals and colourful costumes. The week before Easter Sunday is all about having fun, however it is also a time of prayer and fasting. Passion plays about Jesus’ death and resurrection are usually done on Good Friday. With a mixture of religious traditions and entertainment, it is a wonderful time to experience what Mexico has to offer.

Easter in Mexico

In the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, it is tradition to not eat meat. Known as Lent, Mexicans eat plenty of fish, including their famous fish soup with Lima beans. However, when it comes to Easter Sunday, meat is one of their most traditional items on the menu. Red meat, especially lamb (roast lamb or lamb chops), is a traditional choice on Domingo de Pascua. However, we cannot forget about dessert and some of Mexico’s beautiful sweet dishes. Made during lent and Easter Sunday, Mexican bread pudding is a traditional mouth-watering dessert filled with apple, raisins, almonds, cream, and the hero of the dish, white toasted bread.  

Looking to quench your thirst with a traditional beverage? Holy Week Fruit Ice is a traditional beverage where ice is brought down from mountains of Mexico celebrating Easter and the beginning of Spring. Agua de Melon (watermelon beverage) is another popular choice. Not only refreshing, it is also a symbol of spring and the new season. 


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