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We pride ourselves in having an extensive range of Mexican Food and Groceries. Our Mexican Food products are produced and shipped directly from Mexico to offer an authentic taste of Mexico.

We stock a great range of traditional tortillas, corn chips and taco shells.

Our tortilla range is so vast, we have something for every occasion and taste! From white, yellow and blue corn to flour, we have you covered with the basics. For a more advanced tortilla lover, we also have savory flavoured tortillas with many different flavours, including cheese, salsa and spinach to name a few! We also have sweet tortillas, for those who love to create traditional Mexican desserts. Our corn chips and taco shells are made from premium corn and are ready to use or warm up before dinner! Great for tacos, burrito bowls, dips and of course – guacamole!

Our chillies are also cover the heat scale from top to bottom, with delightfully mild chillies for a little spice to the hottest chillies we have in stock for heat lovers or dare devils! We stock a range of chillies, in dried form, powder and canned to provide long shelf life and ease whilst cooking and storing.

Our other canned products range from hominy, tomatillos, tomatoes, beans, cactus and corn truffle – all you need to stock up a pantry, ready for a Mexican fiesta!

Not to mention our array of Mexican sauces and salsas of all different spice levels and flavours – your party or family dinner will not be disappointed with all the choices of dips and sauces.

Our dessert range is also growing, with traditional products in frozen form ready to defrost and use to your hearts content. Our churros reflect a true and delicious Mexican dessert, ready to fill and fry along with our strawberry puree to use in desserts or in cocktails! We also have an Aztec brand chocolate chilli mousse made by us – great for a spicy treat!

So, have a browse at all our Mexican Food and Groceries today. Rest assured all our products are quality, Mexican Food and Groceries! For more information on any of our products or shipping policies, contact us.


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