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Slow Cooked Beef

If you’ve seen our monthly specials for July, you’ll know that Corona beer is selling for a bargain price, and we’ve found a brilliant Mexican beer recipe to help you take advantage of the special. Slow Cooked Beef Barbacoa is a robust beer recipe that takes advantage...

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July Monthly Specials – Mexican Hot Sauce and Beer!

There’s nothing like a flavoursome Mexican hot sauce to warm up your Mexican dishes this winter! If you are looking for a great Mexican hot sauce then we have just the product for you – and it is one of our specials this July. We enjoy sharing our love of Mexico, so...

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Buho Soda – A New Generation of Refreshments

If you haven’t heard of Buho Soda, it’s about time you tried these new age refreshments. With a variety of flavours that are sure to excite any palette, the range of Buho Soda beverages is without a doubt destined to be a crowd-pleaser. So what is it about Buho Soda...

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Mexican Pinto Beans – Simply Versatile

There is something hearty and satisfying about cooking your own beans from scratch, and these Mexican Pinto Beans really are a great all-rounder. While it might seem easier to grab a can of ready-made Mexican Pinto Beans, there are many reasons to prepare them...

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A Fun Night with the Escape Goats

At Aztec Products and Liquor, we are big fans of local talent and are proud to support a fun, energetic night out with the Escape Goats. If you love a night filled with music, friends, and tequila, then this is the event for you! At Aztec...

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Spice Up Your Menu with Chipotle Burgers!

Spice Up Your Menu with Chipotle Burgers! Are you looking for a modern twist on Mexican flavours? These Chipotle Burgers should definitely make the short list. We are yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love some authentic Mexican fare – or burgers for that...

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