Cocktails with Corona – Reclaim the Name!

The virus has been relegated to the background in Australia, and we think it is time to restore the name to its rightful owner – the iconic Corona Beer – and enjoy some Cocktails with Corona this summer!

During 2020, COVID commandeered the name that for so many years has belonged to one of Australia’s most popular beers. With a new year ahead that is full of promise, we’ve got some great recipes below.

Get ready to enjoy some cocktails with Corona, and all the friends and family you missed so much last year.

Cocktails with Corona

Image courtesy of Delicious Table


This little gem is making quite a name for itself, so has to be top of the list.

A refreshing mix of limes, oranges, tequila, triple sec, margarita mix and Corona beer, we recommend trying your hand at this recipe by Delicious Table.

Corona Cocktails

Image courtesy of The Seaside Baker

Corona Sunrise

Summer is the perfect time to sip on this uplifting variation on the traditional drink. Grab some tequila, grenadine, orange juice, orange slices and a bottle of Corona, and give The Seaside Baker’s mix a go.

Cocktails with Corona Beer

Image Courtesy of Fox Valley Foodie


The Michelada is essentially Mexico’s version of the Bloody Mary. Check out this spicy clamato and beer cocktail at Fox Valley Foodie.

Cocktails Corona

Image courtesy of Honest Cooking

Corona Whisky Sour

Do you want to try something a little different from the usual authentic Mexican cocktails with Corona? The combination of earthy whisky with cooling Corona might seem odd at first, but it really does work! Add some lemon and lime juice to add some extra summer zing. This recipe is courtesy of the crew at Honest Cooking.


Don’t let the events of last year sully the name of one of Mexico’s – nay, the world’s – favourite beers.  We’d love to hear about the various ways you are enjoying cocktails with Corona this holiday season. Share your top recipe on our Facebook page, or let us know how much you loved the cocktails we’ve included here.

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