Look in pantries all over Australia, and you’re sure to find some Mexican food or traditional Mexican ingredients.

Jars of salsa, tins of beans, tortillas, and Mexican spices are all regular additions to shopping trolleys all over the country. Mexican food is no longer an outsider, and our weekly menus reflect this shift.

If you’ve welcomed Mexican food into your meal repertoire, is it worth taking the next step and trying some authentic Mexican brands?

At Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, we think it is!

We love everything about the Mexican food culture, and have sourced some of the best and brightest ingredients, making them available to the public in one convenient online store.

In our store, you’ll find all of the staple grocery items you need to make some pretty amazing dishes – from beans to chillies!

So, what sorts of dishes get our tick of approval? We’ve nominated the most popular ones below, though the full list of Mexican meals is much bigger. Here are some of the main dishes that have been integrated into Australian culture, resulting in a fusion of cuisines.


A burrito begins with a tortilla, which is filled and made into a closed-ended cylinder. This means you can hold a burrito to eat it! In traditional Mexican cuisine a burrito mainly contains a meat or bean mix, but in Australia we have added other elements to it, such as cheese, vegetable mixes, salad or guacamole.


We are big fans of enchiladas! Such a simple meal, but so delicious – a corn tortilla is rolled around a filling, and smothered with a chilli pepper sauce. You can make the filling as simple or elaborate as you like, but the result is a meal that is easy to prepare and enjoy.


This sizzling hot plate of mouth-watering food is the ultimate DIY dinner. A variety of meats and vegetables are grilled and served hot with tortillas, so you can create your perfect meal.


Nachos are the perfect meal or snack, simple to make and great for sharing with friends… or you can keep them all to yourself. Basic nachos consist of tortilla chips, covered in cheese and mince, and in Australia are served with sour cream and guacamole. There are plenty of wonderful ways to dress up nachos and make them your own, adding some variety to the toppings or spicing up the sauces.



The Mexican equivalent of a toasted sandwich, with so much flavour you’ll be happy to make it a main meal. A traditional quesadilla is made using a corn tortilla and filled with cheese and savoury mixes, before being grilled. You can choose a half quesadilla (one tortilla folded), or a full serve (two tortillas filled and grilled).


Tacos are now an institution in Western cuisine, and give people absolute freedom when it comes to constructing their Mexican food. Tacos are a great dinner party choice. Using either hard shells or soft tortillas, guests can choose from an array of fillings.


Mexican food is such a big part of Australian culture that we have stores and departments dedicated to this cuisine. Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor is one such store, and prides itself on selling only the finest authentic Mexican ingredients.

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