Have you decided to try out our new Herb Mesquite seasoning but are looking for inspiration? We have a few suggestions about How to Use Herb Mesquite.

Combining a deep smoke flavour with an enticing blend of herbs and spices, Aztec Mexican Products & Liquor is proud to bring you an authentic Herb Mesquite that not only tastes superb and is sourced through Australian spice merchants, but is Gluten Free, Vegan and contains no MSG.

If you are after some fantastic ways to use Herb Mesquite in your kitchen, the Aztec Mexican team has searched to find recipes that will have everyone talking.

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor - Food Inspo - How To Use Herb Mesquite

Fajitas galore

This is one of our favourite ways to use Aztec’s Herb Mesquite.  This seasoning makes the greatest rub or marinade for fajita meat and vegetables.  Aromas fill the air and flavours pop while the plate sizzles.


Beans… when the side dish becomes the hero

Who says your bean side dish has to be a boring support act?  Create the perfect partner for your meat of choice or make beans your main dish for a nutritious and warming vegetarian meal.


Mesquite and salsa

Give your salsa a rich flavour by adding our Herb Mesquite to the mix.  Serve as a dip with some crispy corn chips or as a side dish in a larger Mexican-inspired feast.


Make your own rules

Who says you have to follow paths already travelled?  The applications for Aztec’s exciting new product are limited only by your imagination.  If you can think of any unique and interesting ideas about to use Herb Mesquite, we would love to hear from you!

You can purchase this jar of smoky goodness from our selection of groceries online, as well as other ingredients guaranteed to bring the joy of Mexico to any restaurant or kitchen table.

Contact us today to find out more about Herb Mesquite and the sensational new range of spices coming soon to our store.