It might be close to Halloween on the calendar but the Day of the Dead Melbourne festivities have nothing to do with pumpkins and cobwebs.

A true celebration of life and death, this is the one day of the year departed loved ones return to spend time with their families in celebration and feasting – make sure you don’t miss the Day of Dead Melbourne with food and liquor from Aztec Mexican.

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor - Day of the Dead Melbourne 2019
Wholeheartedly Mexican, the Day of the Dead Melbourne festival bursts with colour, elaborate costumes and sumptuous eats and drinks. Held between October 31 and November 2, it’s a time to remember and honour the deceased. Merrymakers visit cemeteries, decorate graves and often leave a path of flowers leading home for the souls to follow. There’s nothing sad or somber about this memorial of the dead. It’s a joyous, vibrant celebration and spirits are invited to join in the fun.

In the 16th Century the Spaniards arrived in Mexico bringing with them the Christian traditions of All Souls and All Saints Day. These customs merged with existing Mexican practices surrounding burial and remembrance, and the Day of Dead became what it is today. The evolution of this holiday can also be seen in some of the traditional food and drinks served as part of the festivities.

A sweet, round bread called Pan de Muertos, or Day of the Dead bread, is perhaps the most essential inclusion. Said to represent the dead, the bread is spiced with Anise and decorated with shapes similar to bones. Either eaten or presented as offerings with sugar skulls, on home alters erected and decorated to entice spirits back to the house.

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor - Day of the Dead Melbourne Mexican Tamales

Although most Mexican foods can be included in the feast, Tamales are one dish that is always on the menu. These are corn meal wraps, filled with stuffings of your choice and then encased in a banana leaf to be steamed. Filling and delicious, it’s also one of the most versatile of plates.

Since this is a Mexican celebration, have no doubt that Tequila will be enjoyed! Cocktail suggestions are El Guapo, which is a tequila and ginger beer based drink, flavoured with Prickly Pear syrup giving it the most striking pink hue. Spiced carrot Margarita is another vibrant looking cocktail made on Tequila, carrot juice, chili liqueur and Mezcal. Corn based warm drinks and spicy Mexican hot chocolate are some non-alcoholic delights.

This Mexican tradition brings a refreshingly positive perspective to death. It’s a wonderful, colourful way to celebrate the lost and the living coming together again. Plan your celebration by taking a look through Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor’s online store to create an authentic Day of the Dead Melbourne Mexican feast for your loved ones.

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