Hands up who wants to add some spice to their dinner without leaving home? You can if you buy your chillies online!

To find the best chillies online, you need a store that specializes in authentic Mexican groceries.

So, what do you look for in a store? It should sell a large selection of traditional Mexican chillies online, in a variety of forms. It should also stock the best brands, used by traditional Mexican chefs.

Chilli peppers have been a staple in Mexican culture for thousands of years. Depending on the plant and how it is processed or blended, chillies vary in heat and flavour.

At Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, we know Mexican cuisine, and we provide the best ingredients to create amazing, flavour-filled dishes. If you are new to the chilli game, here are some of our top recommendations when purchasing chillies online.

Canned Chillies

Canned chillies are a great pantry item to have on hand. The benefit of canned chillies over other forms is that they absorb flavour and mature once they are sealed. If you want to pack the ultimate punch at your next Mexican fiesta, grab some canned chillies!

Dried Chillies

Convenient dried chillies are the great allrounder of Mexican spices. Adding rich, deep flavours to your food with a variety of heat levels, you should always have some dried chillies on standby.

Powdered Chillies

Convenient, always ready to work, powdered chillies make cooking simple. You can add some chilli powder to soups and stews without having to lift a utensil or break a sweat – that comes afterwards, depending on how much chilli powder you add!

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor have plenty of authentic chillies online, ready for your kitchen. Take your meals up a notch with a chilli smorgasbord.

Check out our online grocery store for more delicious Mexican ingredients, and while you’re there be sure to grab some iconic Mexican liquor to enjoy.

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