taco cleanse

It’s the health craze we’ve all been waiting for – the taco cleanse is here!

Goodbye green smoothies. Be gone boring lemon water. We have found a taco cleanse to make any healthy body happy.

The name taco cleanse just makes us smile. It sounds fun, and we’re sure you will agree. Healthy food should be enjoyable, and this healthy fare with a Mexican flavour really does tick that box.

There are some guidelines though, and with some authentic Mexican ingredients it shouldn’t be too hard to follow. The first guideline in the taco cleanse is that the ingredients are vegan. This is a delicious and nutritious plant-based diet.

But this is where Mexican food shines! With so many great recipes based around beans and vegetables, you can be sure that your meals with be full of flavour and variety.

The brains behind The Taco Cleanse cookbook call themselves “taco scientists” – and although they aren’t necessarily experts in weight loss, they certainly know how to bring the joy back into healthy eating.

With 75 plant-based recipes, this cookbook is a compilation of flavoursome bean mixes, sensational salsas and refreshing salads.

Fillings include some of the revered superfoods… sweet potato, kale and avocado. Mixed with plant proteins such as legumes and prepared with loads of flavour, your health kick just got exciting.

Many of the traditional ingredients used in Mexican recipes are nutrient-dense and are great healthy eating options.

Even herbs such as cilantro – commonly found in many Mexican dishes – are known for their cleansing properties, helping to detoxify the body.

The team at Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor is thrilled to find this game-changer… and is just as eager to hear about your own taco science experiments!

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