What’s better than sitting back with a taco in one hand and an exotic mixed drink in the other?

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The Australian Good Food & Travel Guide recently created a selection of stunning recipes for both Tacos and Tequila Margaritas!

Here are just a few of our favourites from the bunch.

Spiced Beef and Bean Tacos

tacos and tequila

A traditional taco had a range of spices and herbs, delicious beef and of course – beans! This recipe has it all which makes it perfect for a go-to Mexican cuisine.

This recipe calls for a lot of spice (obviously) and uses cayenne powder as a base for the heat level. For a bit more of a kick, you can browse our range of chilli powders that work great as a substitute! Why not try our Habanero Chilli Powder for some heat or our latest addition of the Ghost Habanero (one of the hottest chillies out there!) for those dare-devils out there.

You can also mix and match the type of beans you use, to play around with the flavour palette you enjoy the most. The recipe calls for cooked beans, so you can opt for canned beans (see our range for more information) or, choose some dried beans and process them yourself. Pinto Beans or Black Turtle Beans can work well in this recipe.

For extra toppings and sauces, we also stock premium Guacamole and a range of hot sauces!

For the full recipe, click here to visit the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide article.

 Chilli Infused Margaritas

tacos and tequila

The Margarita – A Mexican classic. What else is a classic feature of Mexico? The spice of course! This Margarita is infused with chilli to give it the kick it deserves.

The way the recipe incorporates the chilli is through the simple syrup it uses. Simple syrup is a syrup of water and sugar that adds volume and sweetness to alcoholic beverages. You can create your own syrup by following the recipe given on the Australia Good Food & Travel Guide.

You simply boil the water and sugar with the fresh chillies to infused the liquid with the flavours and heat of the pepper. You can also use dried chillies such as the Ancho Chilli for a more mild spice, The Habanero Chill for real heat or for a real test the Indian Ghost Habanero (not for the faint of heart).

Or, you can choose to rim the glass with salt and chilli powder if you only want a small taste of heat. You can use any of the chilli powders in our range here.

The other main component of a Margarita is the tequila of course! This recipe suggests Arette Blanco. Blanco Tequila is good for Margaritas because it gives a true agave flavour. However, for a smoother taste, you can choose a reposado.

We stock some great Blanco tequilas perfect for your margaritas, including: Espolon Blanco, Jose Cuervo Especial Blanco, Patron Blanco and many more! See our complete range here.

For the full recipe and a step-by-step guide, see the full article here.

Here at Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, we aim to supply you will all the products you need to create the ultimate Taco or Tequila-based drink. For the full range of products that we stock, visit our website.

For more Tacos and Tequila Recipes, see the full guide at the Australian Good Food & Travel Guide website.

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