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Who says that the tortilla is only for savoury foods? Here at Aztec Mexican, we stock a range of sweet tortillas!

For most of us, tortillas have always been around. But where did they originally come from?

Historians, who are experts in the history and culture of Aztec civilization, believe tortillas date back as far as 10,000 B.C. When the Spanish were in search of gold in Meso-America in 1519, they came across the Aztecs and were exposed to many of their foods and traditions.

In modern times, tortillas are still made and eaten in the same way – talk about a tradition! As time went on, tortillas because more and more varied and versatile – and now a worldwide product. Amongst many different types of additional ingredients (such as our savory range with salsa, spinach and cheese for example) tortillas can also been deemed as a sweet bread!

With editions of chocolate, sugar or cinnamon, tortillas can turn into an alternative base for many different types of deserts! Sweet tortillas are still made of flour or maize as a base, but with added flavours and textures to suit the sweet tooth in us all. The sweet tortilla can be likened to a pancake, but with more flexibility and versatility in recipes. The soft and delicious texture of the tortilla will surely be a hit with adults and children alike.

Sweet tortillas are ideal for desserts such as dessert tacos, tortilla bowls, tortilla french toast, sweet wraps, breakfast roll-ups, soft ice cream cones, pastry parcels and dessert nachos – just to name a few! Our range is frozen, meaning your tortillas will be fresher for longer, and ready to use once defrosted.

Sweet tortillas are also a great substitute for pastries and doughs, making for a healthy and more efficient dessert base.

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