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The tortilla is a delightfully versatile bread. In Spanish, it means “small torta”, or “small cake”. It can be stacked, rolled, folded, torn, cut, and crumbled – you name it! It is soft and tastes great when hot, crisp-fried, or toasted. It can be shaped with the hands and easily baked over any source of heat and it keeps well in the freezer, and can be reheated later!

The history of the tortilla goes back thousands of years. Remains that were discovered by historians suggest the Aztecs developed corn, adding to their already vast range of meals and snacks. According to Mayan legend, tortillas were created by peasants who tried to appease the hunger of their king. Since then, corn (or anything involving corn such as tortillas) were spiritual and ‘godly’.

The traditional process of making tortillas was mechanized to increase production of tortillas once popularity increased. They were also kept frozen in bulk to help mass restaurant chains and to aid in increasing food shelf life.

Our savoury tortillas are frozen, to aid in long shelf life and ease of access. To thaw frozen tortillas, separate them before reheating, brush off ice crystals, and lay them flat. They will thaw in about 5 minutes; if you don’t use them right away, cover with plastic film to keep them from drying out. The tortillas have already been cooked and then frozen. To serve them as bread or to use them in cooking, you will need to reheat or fry them.

Savory tortillas are great to boost the taste of your meals! Here at Aztec Mexican, we stock a variety of savoury tortillas to suit your tastes, including: spinach, sundried tomato, garlic & herb, cheese, jalapeno and chipotle!

Not only will you have delicious flavours in between your tortillas, but you will have unique flavours infused into the tortillas themselves!

These flavoured tortillas are perfect for a family night in, or a big night out! They come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for a variety of meals, including: burritos, wraps, tacos, and quesadillas – to name a few.

For any of your tortilla needs, have a look at our range of savoury tortillas below, or visit some of our other pages for more tortilla products.