Modelo Especial Beer 24 X 355ml per ctn 4.5% – Cans


Negra Especial Beer

Modelo Especial Beer is a pilsner type beer that was introduced to the market in 1966.

24 X 355ml per ctn 4.5% – Cans

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Modelo Especial is one of the top-selling imported beers for a reason. It's an approachable and refreshing lager that still somehow manages not to leave you wanting more.

This popular lager beer's golden hue is complemented by its smooth notes of orange blossom honey and hint of herb flavours.

It is a slightly sweet, well-balanced beer with a light hops character and crisp finish.

Modelo Especial beer is made with filtered water, malted barley, hops, corn and yeast.

4.5% Vol 24 x 427ml Cans

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