Mexican Rum and Coke isn’t just a random mixed drink. Cuba Libre is a time-honoured cocktail that means freedom to many!
When you think of cocktails, elaborate images come to mind. But sometimes, simple is best. We’re kicking off our cocktail series with a signature Cuba Libre (Mexican Rum and Coke) recipe that illustrates how subtle can be the new spectacular.
Cuba Libre is the national drink of Cuba, celebrating Cuban independence. It was created during a “free-Cuba” movement. This delicious Mexican Rum and Coke drink has been synonymous with freedom ever since.
Are you having a Mexican-themed dinner party? Or just want to indulge in an authentic drink to accompany your Mexican meal? Then Cuba Libre is a great start.
It is the perfect mix of high quality Cuban rum, with the sweetness of Coca-Cola. But what makes it so distinctively Mexican? Lime – our favourite citrus fruit for anything related to Mexico!
Rather than indiscriminately mixing your quality rum beverage, we suggest following this foolproof recipe to get the quantities spot on. Once you’ve tasted it, we’re sure you’ll love it.
The key is to choose authentic Mexican rum that creates a burst of flavour. It’s not just about the zing. For a larger dinner party, we suggest Deadhead 6-year-old Rum, which is as much a liquid dessert as it is a meal accompaniment. Getting the mix right will ensure that its flavours shine through – chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, with a delicate hint of caramel that is amplified by the sweetness of the Coke.
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Mexican Rum and Coke (Cuba Libre)
So, what about those quantities? Here is our recommendation for the perfect mix!
Mexican Rum and Coke (Cuba Libre)
60ml authentic Mexican Rum (such as Deadhead 6-year-old rum)
120ml chilled Coca-Cola
1 wedge of Lime, or 2 if you really love lime!
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