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You’ve planned out your Mexican-themed dinner party down to the music and table décor, but you’re not sure what Mexican drinks to serve up to your guests.

Here’s where we come in! At Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, we have a selection of colourful, authentic Mexican drinks that will complete your night.

If you’re not familiar with the brands of Mexican drinks available, here are a few that will get you started. In fact, these should be the go to beverages for any dinner party that has a Mexican edge!

Buho Soda

Buho Soda is a new experience in soft drinks. The water used in Buho Soda is low in sodium and is from a very soft water table. It is analysed in laboratories regularly to ensure that it is always of a high standard. It is slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco as well as stevia extracts, so these drinks are low in kilojoules without using artificial sweeteners.

With a range of exciting flavours, Buho Soda is perfect for any occasion.


If you haven’t heard of Tamarindo, we are doing you a favour. This concentrate is made up of the tamarind spice, and adds a tangy citrus taste to your much-loved beverages. You can add some zing to your mineral water or tequila, and make it as light or as rich as you like!


The perfect nightcap, either on its own or added to something with a bit more punch, Horchata is a great milky treat. With a delicate cinnamon aroma and flavour, you can drink it warm, or on ice mixed with your preferred liqueur.

Agua De Piedra Mineral Water

The new kid on the beverage block at Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, Agua De Piedra is your first stop for sparkling water that is as unique as its origins. Bottled at the source, its flavour comes from the mineral profile provided by filtration through the geological formations of the Huasteca basin at Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

mexican drink

These Mexican drinks, along with our other authentic Mexican fare, can be tested at the Fine Foods Australia Expo, 10-13 September 2018, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Here you’ll find an array of products from Australia’s top suppliers in the hospitality, retail and foodservice industries.

If you’d like to order any of our Mexican drinks, check into our online store and have them delivered to your door. And be sure to head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more specials and hot Mexican tips!