mexican beer

If you are a beer connoisseur, you may know that Mexican beer is not a one dimensional beverage.

With a rich history and even bigger array of flavours and styles, there is a Mexican beer for every palate. While its flavours run deep, the overall tone is refreshing and light.

What makes Mexican beer different to beers from other regions? It has a lager-like quality, while being light-bodied. The flavours are usually mild, but most certainly not dull!

Going back centuries, well before the Spanish Conquest, the Mesoamerican zones (which include Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Belize), became proficient in the production of fermented beverages… including corn beer. European influence came later, with barley-based beer entering the scene.

Some of the world’s most popular beer products are from Mexico. Corona is now one of the highest selling beers in Australia. With Corona came the customary lime wedge, which showed us that we don’t have to take beer at face value.

There are other, less recognised Mexican beers available that must be added to your shopping list. Bohemia, Dos Equis, Tecate and other authentic Mexican beer brands are all available in our online store.

For those who love beer but need to steer clear of gluten, we also have a range of gluten free beers – Ocho Reales – in a variety of different flavours.

Mexican beer is used in loads of refreshing, enjoyable beer cocktails. Whether you keep it simple with lime juice and salt, or spice it up with extras such as chilli powder, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce or tomato juice, there is a beer cocktail that works for any tastebuds!

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