There’s so much to love about Mexican culture. A great way to spice up this year’s festivities is by incorporating some Mexican New Year’s traditions.

Full of energy, colour and fun, Mexican New Year’s traditions will let you bring in the New Year with a zing, as well as pay homage to a wonderful and ancient culture.


Mexican New Year's Traditions

While there are the usual fireworks and fire crackers to mark the occasion, other Mexican New Year’s traditions are steeped in history and belief. It is not unusual to see scarecrows or dummies on street corners during the celebrations. These effigies represent the ‘old year’ and are ceremonially burned at midnight. Another variation on this theme is to open your door at midnight and ‘sweep’ out the old year to make way for the new.

Although Mexican food is spectacular at any time of the year, there are some particular delights enjoyed during the festive season. Dried and salted codfish called ‘Bacalao’ is a staple during festivities. Lentils are favoured as they are thought to bring abundance and prosperity, and “Bunuelo’s” are a sweet crispy fritter eaten at midnight. After eating the sweet treat revelers traditionally make a wish and break a dish to herald in the new year. Another good luck tradition which originated in Spain but is widely adopted in Mexico, is to eat 12 grapes on the 12 strokes of midnight. 

Most traditional Mexican Christmas food is also enjoyed at New Years and it is common for families to sit down to late night dinners together. The good food does not stop people enjoying a drink and sparkling cider is a traditional accompaniment. Another popular drink is a hot fruit punch called ‘Ponche’, served with or without alcohol.

Music, singing and dancing complete the lively atmosphere of Mexican New Year’s traditions, and if you’re not sure what to yell at midnight, it’s “Feliz ano nuevo”.

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