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Making a Difference for Melbourne Families with Food Donation

Regular food donation is a vital part of Australia’s dynamic social fabric.

We live in a wonderfully secure and affluent country. Sometimes we get caught up with our lives, and forget just how lucky we are! But there are some Australians who aren’t part of the fortunate majority, and need a little extra help via food donation to make ends meet or put food on the table.

At Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor, we wanted to do something to help those in need. So we found a charity that really resonated with us – the Tullamarine Food Bank. We love working with fine food, knowing how much good food brings people together and creates joy.

When we thought about how many people don’t get the opportunity to share great meals, or that some even struggle to provide sustaining food for their families, we were driven to do something to make a difference. Getting actively involved in food donation made perfect sense.

The people at Tullamarine’s Food Bank are modern-day saints. Every week, they distribute over 1200 food parcels to Melbourne families who are less fortunate. It happens thanks to the dedication of over 100 volunteers.

In order to provide these nutritious food parcels – which are made up of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and bread – this incredible organisation requires donations from the public.

We regularly dip into the Aztec Mexican pockets and give as much as we can. To date, in 2018, we have donated over $10,000, and intend to keep going. Once you start supporting a generous charity like this one, it’s hard to stop!

This is something we would love to encourage all of our customers to do – whether on a smaller or larger scale. We are fortunate to be able to purchase food and enjoy amazing meals, and believe that sharing a piece of what we have is what humanity is all about!

Whether you like the sound of the Tullamarine Food Bank, or find another group local to your own area, food donation generates a heart-warming feeling that doesn’t compare with any other.

With the Fine Food Australia trade expo coming up soon, from 10-13 September, it is the perfect time for people in the hospitality and foodservice industries to show how thankful they are – being surrounded by good food every day is certainly one of the great things about this world we live in.

Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor will be attending the Fine Food Australia Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, with plenty of opportunities to sample our fare. We will even have a Mexican chef doing live food demos, giving you the chance to peer into realm of authentic Mexican cooking!

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