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Originally derived from the corn tortilla the flour tortilla was an innovation by Sephardi Jews who brought flour from Europe, while this region was the colony of New Spain. It is made with a water based dough, pressed and cooked exactly like corn tortillas.

In Spanish the word “tortilla” has different meanings in different regions. In Spain it is an omelette, in Mexico and Central America it is a corn tortilla and in many other places a flour tortilla – hence why it can be confusing!

Flour tortillas are also very similar to the bread popular in Semitic, eastern Mediterranean and southern Asian countries.

Wheat tortillas have also become a staple of both northwestern Mexican state and through the southwestern united states – not to mention worldwide! The wheat flour tortilla has different origins from the traditional corn tortilla, however, the acceptance of the wheat tortilla has increased so rapidly, it now is also part of the normal diet in Mexico! Plus, it is such a popular product that it has become a $6 billon dollar industry – all from a little four and water.

Flour tortillas are usually eaten just the same way as corn tortillas – as tacos, quesadillas, burritos, bowls, wraps and tortilla chips! They are also great for desserts that require pastry or dough. Flour is ideal for this because of its neutral taste!

Flour tortillas tend to be soft and taste similar to other flour based breads – whereas corn tortillas have a distinct corn taste and varied flexibility and softness.

Note, flour tortillas are not gluten free, as opposed to corn tortillas. However, the flour tortilla is full of protein and calcium making it an alternative to those who prefer flour to corn.

Our flour tortillas come frozen so please make sure to contact us as we do not ship frozen items as we do not want then defrost in transit!