With Christmas parties, Boxing Day barbecues and New Year celebrations on the horizon, we have some awesome December Monthly Specials to give the season a Mexican flavour.

There aren’t many cultures out there who love a party more than the energetic citizens of Mexico.  We also know that fiestas all over Australia will have some great Mexican food and liquor on the menu.  These December Monthly Specials are sure to impress.

This December, we’ve chosen some of our most refreshing products to keep you cool in the heat.  These drinks are the perfect addition to your barbecues, summer events or theme nights.

So get your cocktail bar ready and design a Mexican menu that screams fun.  This great selection of December Monthly Specials will be sure to get the party started!

Ocho Reales Beer

Ocho Reales Beer – buy 4, get 1 free

We have a range of distinctive, flavoursome Ocho Reales beers, ready to set a festive tone for your occasion.  Stock up and make sure you never run out!

Buho Soda

Buho Soda – buy 4, get 1 free

You’ve never tasted fruity, refreshing soda quite like our selection of Buho Soda varieties.  These will disappear faster than you could ever imagine.

Bohemia Beer

Bohemia Beer – buy 5, get 1 free

This full-bodied lager is one to bring out for the beer connoisseurs.  When the lights dim and the music gets louder, Bohemia Beer helps set a cruisey tone for serious revellers.

Indio Beer

Indio Beer – buy 5, get 1 free

Indio beer is a year-round crowd-pleaser, so it pays to keep some extra stock on hand.  With a light caramel-malt flavour, it goes with just about every meal you can imagine!

Embasa Whole (Run of Field) Jalapenos – buy 3, get 1 free

Grab these flavour-rich jalapenos to add to your favourite dishes, and give summer menus some extra punch!

It might be the end of the year, but it’s only the beginning of the revelry.  For more delicious Mexican ingredients and liquor, as well as our favourite recipe and serving ideas, head over to Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor.  And be sure to Like us on Facebook and Instagram to stay keep in the loop for all things Mexican!

December Monthly Specials