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The deep blue colour of blue corn tortillas may seem unusual, but it is indeed a healthy alternative to regular corn tortillas! making them a favourite mexican food.

Blue corn (also known as Hopi maize) is a variety of flint maize grown in Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

The Hopi used corn in religious rituals, placing blue corn in a framework of directional associations. Yellow corn was associated with the Northwest. Blue corn with the Southwest. Red corn with the Southeast. White corn with the Northeast. Black corn with the North and all-coloured corn with the South. Corn was very important spiritually and in Latin and mexican foods.

Since then, corn is both a loved and cherished mxican food.– especially the blue corn! It’s rarity and unusual hue is celebrated and eaten in Mexican cuisines and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Blue corn contains more protein and less starch than the traditional tortilla and is a staple of Mexico for centuries. Blue corn tortillas also happen to have a lower glycaemic index. This means all the good sugars are absorbed by your body slower, offering a steady source of energy! This is good news for diabetics and those wanting to watch their sugar intake.

The process of tortilla production has not changed since ancient times. The large blue corn kernels are soaked in lime water and fed through a grinder, creating a soft dough. It is still a family tradition in Mexico to grow and grind delicious blue corn kernels and create and consume the end product.  A good wholesome blue corn tortilla.

Whether you enjoy your blue corn tortilla as a burrito or soft taco, or you decide to use some to dip into your salsas and guacamole, you’ll still have a delicious and traditional corn tortilla flavour with double the benefits.

It seems the myth is true. The more colourful your food, the better it is for you!