Aztec Mexican Liquor Specials

With Easter done and dusted, we think it’s time to relax and let your hair down a little with Aztec Mexican liquor specials!

And to make it easier, we’ve decided to create these Aztec Mexican liquor specials to spark some party inspiration, whether you’re out and about, or having a quiet night in.

What better way to kick off our April monthly specials than with some classic Mexican rum and formidable tequila!  For many, rum and tequila are both synonymous with fun, and we have some great brands to whet your appetite.  Keep reading for our Aztec Mexican liquor specials for April.

Mocambo Rum – $43.50

Discount Code –  L2102

We’re starting with a sharp-shooting bottle of rum that will wow your guests!

It looks so good that you’ll want to refill it when you’ve finished every drop, just so you can keep the bottle on display in your collection.

Aged for 10 years, this rich 40% alcohol rum provides full impact in every way.  The 200ml bottle will be the pride and joy of your liquor cabinet!

Deadhead 6-year-old Rum – $64.50

Discount Code – L2103

For rum and culinary connoisseurs, this is the rum of choice!  Here you have a rum that can also pass as dessert, with a light body and aromas of coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg.

You’ll also detect other delicious flavours – cloves, anise and caramel.

And it all comes in a bottle that will be a talking point at any gathering.

Aged 6 years, Deadhead Rum is 40% alcohol and comes in a distinctive 750ml bottle.

Berrueco Reposado – $66.00

Discount Code – L6206

This is probably one of the prettiest tequila bottles we’ve ever seen, and feedback suggests that people love sharing this smooth and memorable tequila with family and friends.

Berrueco Reposado is aged several months in heavily charred oak barrels, is 100% agave, 40% alcohol and completely event-worthy.


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For an extra treat, be sure to check in every week for the rest of April, when we’ll share some of our favourite Mexican food and cocktail recipes, and news about everything Mexico!