Feeling that winter chill? Warm yourself up with some premium Mexican Products and Liquor from Aztec!

Our August Specials sale is underway with some Mexican essentials to get you going.



Our delicious flavoured tortillas are now on sale including traditional flavours such as cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes! For 12 x 1 dozen boxes, grab your flavoured tortillas for only $45! Note, frozen items cannot be shipped – contact us to purchase!

august specials

For the sweet tooths out there looking to create a delicious tortilla-based dessert, our six-inch chocolate and cinnamon sweet tortillas are only $55 for 24x 1 dozen boxes. Note, we do not ship frozen items – contact us to purchase!

august specials


Our premium dried Guajillo Powder is now dropped to $3 per 100g and $8 per 500g bag! Add some spice and flavour to your next Latin dish or to your hot chocolate drink with this rich and slightly chocolatey spice!

august specials


You can now get a 6 x A10 slab for only $55 or a single A10 can for $10.50 of our Run of Field Whole Jalapenos. Having an A10 tin of Jalapenos as a staple of any pantry is common nowadays, so make sure you stock up on this bargain. To purchase the 6xA10 slab, contact us or visit our store.


Warm yourself up with some of our quality Mexican liquor. Please note these prices exclude GST.

On sale this month we have a 24 x 355ml slab of traditional Corona Extra for $40 (ex. GST). A delicious flavour of Mexico and a perfect way to put your feet up or get the party started – The Latin America way!

We also have a selection from our tequila range – 1.75L bottle of Puerto Vallarta Gold for only $81 (ex.GST). This pure agave tequila is a delicious addition to your liquor cabinet. Puerto Vallarta Gold is carefully aged in small oak barrels until a nice smoothness is achieved. Perfect for margaritas or on the rocks, this tequila will have you warmed up in no time!

Make sure to grab these August Specials while you can at Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor and add some Mexican heat to your winter chill!